Amplifier for the automatic balancing of the spindles in grinding machines

VM9-BA is system for the automatic balancing of the spindles in grinding machines. It is designed for simple and cost-effective applications. It is suitable for both new machines and retrofitting.

  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Automatic balancing of the grinding spindle
  • Automatic neutral cycle (compensation weights at 180°)
  • Programmable limits for balancing target and vibration alarm
  • Vibration level display with led bar graph

  • Optimization of the surface finishing quality
  • Constantly controls vibrations of the spindle
  • Extends lifetime of the spindle and grinding wheel
  • Does not require surveillance.

Product Description

Range of balancing heads

Balance Systems’ SD balancing heads are the first devices in the world which have been specifically designed by Balance Systems with moment-free architecture. This solution brings the benefit of no dynamic-influence on the grinding spindle which improves the surface finishing.

SDE model is mounted externally by a flange and it is controlled via cable. This solution is suitable for retrofitting applications.

Fitting diameter [mm] Max compensation capacity [gcm]
95 1700
114 6500
130 12000

SDI model is mounted inside the spindle shaft through a flange or a self-lock system and it is controlled via cable.

Diameter of the spindle bore [mm] Max compensation capacity [gcm]
38 580
42 1200
50 2000
55 4400
60 5000
63 8700
70 8700
81 8700



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