EBS is born, the new idea in the balancing world

24 Jun

EBS is born, the new idea in the balancing world

A wide range of services and balancing machines to meet the needs of the most varied sectors

At the beginning of 2020 Balance Systems has undertake a new path with the aim of expanding its product sectors in the balancing context; for this reason it has acquired the business unit dedicated to balancing of Elettrorava s.P.a. thus giving life to a new company: EBS S.r.l. (Elettrorava Balance Systems).

The main objective of this acquisition focuses on the continuous growth of the division, obtaining a synergy of knowledge aimed at expanding the range of products for the balancing of rotors in new markets worldwide, such as industrial, naval, automotive, aerospace, appliance and machine tools.

EBS has therefore been thought to provide flexible solutions and able to adapt to any type of need in the context of balance at 360°, ensuring:

  • a production offer of vertical and horizontal balancing machines for rotors from a few grams up to 50.000kg, distinguished in manual, semiautomatic, automatic and customized for different application sectors, offering unique solutions able to reduce costs and production times;
  • retrofit of old own machines or of any other manufacturer, a service that allows companies which already own a balancing machine to upgrade their machine with the most modern instrumentations and software;
  • a department entirely dedicated to contract balancing, with more than 12 balancing machines of own production used daily to realize balancing for third parties of rotating parts (flywheels, pulleys, propellers, mills, centrifuges, rotors, turbines, train wheels, and many more that you can discover in the dedicated section of the website), with a mass in the range between a few grams up to 10.000 kg, with a length up to 6,7 meters and a maximum diameter of 3200 millimeters.

EBS S.r.l. is present on the main national and international markets, following its Customers both directly and through a network of agents/retailers in Italy and abroad, with production headquarters in Street Sapino Don Giovanni 176 – Venaria Reale (TO) Italy.

What has just been reported and described can be found on the new website www.ebs-balancing.com, or it is possible to contact for more information the e-mail address sales@ebs-balancing.com.