Balancing machines

Balancing Machines for rotating parts

Balancing Machines are advanced technological solutions that allow to delete the rotating parts vibration of electrical, mechanical and electromechanical machines, improving their life and performances. Vibration and noise are usually caused by the unbalances present in the rotating parts. In order to delete this phenomenon each rotating body must be balanced dynamically through a balancing machine during the productive process phase.
Our balancing machines typologies are:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic balancing machines for armatures and rotors.  Unbalance correction by drilling or milling.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic balancing machines for fans and electric fans. Unbalance correction by weights addition or material removal .
  • Horizontal manual balancing machines for shafts and rotors. Unbalance correction  by masses addition and displacement, milling and drilling.
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic balancing machines for disk-shaped rotating components.  Correction of the unbalance by drilling or milling.
  • Manual and semi-automatic balancing machines for turbochargers. Correction of the unbalance by milling or grinding.

Rotors balance: why is so important?

In the electrical machines the rotors balancing is often necessary, as it’s possible to find products, which are not perfectly symmetric, in which you can find rotating parts that vibrate, produce noise and may damage the system. Even a slight unbalance may cause high vibrations and serious damages to components; in case of a long term this vibration may reduce the rotating parts life.
Rotors balance thus allows to reduce noise, vibrations and energy consumption and allows a more linear work. In particular the dynamic rotors balancing has the aim of removing vibration coming from a static unbalance and a torque one. This process is realised through the use of horizontal and vertical balancing machines.
Thus rotors balance is very important, as it’s all about quality and machine operating time, but also operator safety.

Balancing machines: which are the components to balance?

The components to balance are different: accessories for power tools, armatures, blades, brake discs, clutches, drums, electric fans, fans, flywheels, grinding wheels, impellers, motors, pulleys, pumps, rotors, spindles for textile industry, turbines, turbochargers, universal joints. 

Our profession has always been designing and producing balancing machines. We’re specialized in creating high precision industrial balancing machines, machines with high production rates and full flexible machines.
Our R&D Department is always at the customer disposal to develop custom products according to the specific demands.

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Balanced components

Accessories for power tools
Brake discs

Electric fans
Grinding wheels


Spindles for textile industry
Universal Joints

Automatic balancing machines

Automatic balancing machines of Balance Systems are carried out with an intuitive approach for the operator. The balancing process is realised automatically.

Semi-Automatic balancing machines

In the semi-automatic balancing machines measure and unbalanced correction are carried out automatically, while the pieces movement is realised by the operator.

Manual balancing machines

The static manual balancing machine measures the unbalances on one plane, while the dynamic one detects the unbalances of rotating parts on two planes.

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