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At Balance Systems we create cutting edge products in the two company’s core business areas: Balancing machines for rotating components and Process control systems for machine tools. Developing tomorrow’s technology, to go beyond expectations – that’s what enables us to provide exclusive solutions.

  • Automatic balancing equipment for grinding wheels;
  • Pre/in/post-process gauging systems;
  • Touch Detectors, acoustic emission and electrical power sensors;
  • Grinding wheel shape detection during dressing cycles;
  • High-performance balancing machines for electric motors, rotor of alternator, brushless rotors, fans, electric fans, brake disk, drums, clutches, turbines, flywheels, shafts, pumps, wheels, pulleys, propellers, couplings, spindles;
  • Customised balancing machines.

The tradition of excellence and innovation, together with the special care we reserve to our clients, are our keys to success. Those qualities, together with the special care we reserve to our clients and collaborators, are part of our corporate business principles.

"... Ours is a history deeply rooted in one of the strongest human emotions: passion. It all started because of it and it is still what most feeds us ... "
(Gianni Trionfetti, founder and President).

Create and maintain high quality, to design unique solutions that are able to reduce costs and production time, always paying particular attention to the needs of our customers – this is our mission.

Italy | Headquarters


Balance Systems was officially born in 1975, when Gianni Trionfetti, together with three skilled friends, expert in electronics and mechanical engineering, created a manufactory firm under the name of GT Elettronica. 40 years later, thanks to worldwide distributors and service centres, subsidiaries in France, Germany, USA and headquarters in Italy, Balance Systems is able to bring excellence all over the world.

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After having consolidated its position on the Italian market, Balance Systems decided to make its presence on the European market stronger by opening a subsidiary in France.
Thus, in 1993 took place the official inauguration ceremony of GT Elettronica France SARL.

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United States – USA


Due to the instant success encountered in France, Balance Systems decided to enlarge its market area, going overseas and establishing a new subsidiary.
The opening of Balance Systems Corporation in Michigan USA, was announced in 1994.

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In order to provide better direct sales and customer service channels and reinforce the European presence, Balance Systems decide to enter the German market. Balance Systems GmbH was established in 2001.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is “Going beyond”. By that statement, we mean beyond expectations, beyond today’s technology and beyond the ordinary. These three pillars have been the hallmarks of our company since it was established. They remain the foundation upon which we continue to build our success today.
We want to create a long term relationship with customers and achieve the position of a leading global supplier of state-of-the-art products and services, always responsive to current and future markets.