Absolute Balancer

Absolute Balancer

1 and 2 plane automatic balancing devices for grinding machines

The range of ABSOLUTE BALANCER® heads, exclusive Balance Systems design, represents the state-of-the-art in the automatic balancing technology.

ABSOLUTE BALANCER® are available in all configurations for 1 and 2 plane balancing. They ensure unprecedented performances both in terms of execution speed and final accuracy. The balancing heads are managed via contactless control (NoLink) by VM25 modular multifunction unit.

  • Exclusive Balance Systems design with moment-free architecture
  • Designed in a wide range of diameters and shapes for built-in spindle mounting, starting from diameter 28mm
  • Embedded rotational speed sensor
  • Operating rotation speed up to 25.000 rpm
  • Residual unbalance achievable at least 10 times less than traditional solutions on 1 and 2 plane
  • Deterministic balancing time
  • Automatic neutral cycle (weights at 180°)
  • Acoustic emission sensor (AE) can be integrated (optional)

  • Corrects all dynamic effects on the grinding spindle, optimizing the surface geometry and quality of the work-piece
  • Increases the machine productivity
  • Enhance spindle and wheels lifetime
  • Increases of dressing interval with reduced environmental impact
  • Does not require surveillance

Product Description


For grinders in a production environment, it is becoming increasingly critical to obtain high dimensional control, geometric tolerances and surface finish qualities while maintaining or improving productivity levels.

The highest quality is achieved with a grinding wheel where both the static and the dynamic components of the unbalance are virtually eliminated.

The lack of homogeneity of the grinding wheel material, its consumption during use and the absorption of the coolant together with the tolerances of mechanical assembly, create an overall unbalance which affects the quality of the production and reduce the lifespan of the spindle.

To operate in optimal conditions, the unbalance must be compensated by a balancing head that automatically positions weights in response to the vibrations detected, so that this is reduced within the programmed tolerance limits. In order to correct the unbalance, depending on the spindle configuration and the type of grinding wheel, it is possible to balance in one plane (when it is enough to remove the static component of the unbalance) or in two plane (when it is necessary to remove both the static and the dynamic components of the unbalance).

The balancing cycle, which interrupts the grinding cycle and thus stops production, typically have taken longer for two plane balancing than for single plane.

The productivity of grinders that require two-plane balancing can be significantly improved by providing a faster, more precise balancing system.


To meet the needs of cycle control on grinding machines with high quality and productivity, Balance Systems has developed the new digital balancing system ABSOLUTE BALANCER®  for 1 and 2 plane balancing which ensures unprecedented performances both in terms of execution speed and final accuracy.

The ABSOLUTE BALANCER®  system uses a state-of-the-art digital hardware architecture with sophisticated adaptive algorithms for the correction of unbalances. In few seconds and with high precision, the system reduces to zero the unbalance vibrations detected by 1 or 2 accelerometers positioned on the spindle.

A wide range of solutions alllows the application to every kind of grinding machine.

Typical applications for 1 plane balancing
  • Gear grinding machines
  • Grinding machines with super-abrasive wheels (e.g. CBN)
  • Grinding machines performing high speed cycles
  • Grinding machines for mass production
Typical applications for 2 plane balancing
  • Gear grinding machines with single or double grinding wheel (roughing and finishing)
  • Cylindrical grinding machines between centers in configuration with one grinding wheel on both sides of the spindle
  • Cylindrical grinding machines with super-abrasive wheels ( e.g.: CBN) requiring an additional correction plane
  • Centerless grinding machines
  • Cylindrical grinding machines with grinding wheels pack



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