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  • Balance Systems BVK4 machine
  • Balance Systems BVK4 machine


Automatic and Semi-Automatic balancing machine

The hand-in-glove solution – Your final benefits

Balance Systems superior capability of balancing solutions gives the Automotive, Machinery and Aerospace Industry an edge over its competition.
This technology in fact, helps to increase efficiency and precision in the manufacturing processes so as to make it easier to satisfy the Lean Six-Sigma methodology and help to improve the NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) characteristics of vehicles and machines. Furthermore, the repeatability and accuracy achieved by balancing operations provided by Balance Systems, give an enhanced Dependability on the customer’s final applications.

Product Description

Wide Range of Versatility

BVK4 is the first machine in the world which has been specifically designed with the working-spindle that interpolates up to 3 axis.
Thanks to this concept, the rotating tool can move freely wherever is needed toward the workpiece.
Consequently, a wide range of part variants can be processed with one single machine by simply selecting the Part Program with a quick mechanical change-over.

High Precision

Balance Systems has 40-years of experience dedicated towards Process Control Systems for machine tools and Balancing Machines for rotating components. The dreamlike combination of expertise in these two different fields, earns a unique awareness in both metal-cutting process and vibration analysis that allows our customers to reach extreme balancing tolerances at a very low residual unbalance ratio up to 2gcm (0.028 oz inch)*.

Large Volume Production Runs

The perfect balance of the fastest robot-part handling and data processing available in the market, one of many key design features with the BVK4 machine is its capability of high volume production runs. In fact, we are able to reach up to a top speed of 30seconds* to process each rotating component.

Additional Information

Tipo di automazione

Automatic, Semi-automatic



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