TG200 – Top Gauge 200

TG200 – Top Gauge 200

Range of modular gauge heads for machine tools

Top Gauge 200 (TG200) are modular gauging heads, designed to meet any applications that require the dimensional control on grinding machines, lapping machines and high precision lathes.
The measurement method is based on the comparison with respect to a master.

  • External diameters for continuous or interrupted surfaces
  • Internal diameters for continuous or interrupted surfaces, with or without oscillation
  • Multi-diameters without mechanical re-tooling
  • Continuous or interrupted flat surfaces
  • Through feed gauge
  • Active or passive positioning
  • Thickness calibration
  • Roundness and shape analysis

  • Accuracy
  • Sturdiness
  • Production stability
  • Versatility
  • Compatibility
  • Easy maintenance

Product Description


  • Sub-micron accuracy and repeatability by zeroing on master
  • Sensitivity and linearity regardless the cable length
  • Universal damping system for interrupted surfaces
  • High thermal stability


  • Body in thermally stabilized stainless steel
  • IP67 protection degree
  • Anti-crash solutions
  • Resistance to chemical agents


  • Automatic recognition of the setup parameters of the measuring head installed in the machine without calibrations (PLUG & PLAY BALANCE SYSTEM).
  • Adjustable pre-stroke and overstroke
  • Adjustable or fixed  pneumatic retraction
  • Adjustable measuring force
  • Wide measurement range for multi-diameter applications without retooling
  • Accessories for quick re-tooling (slides, zeroing guides, brackets)
  • Fully automatic production without surveillance
  • Machine down time reduction in case of replacement due to fault or crash (PLUG & PLAY BALANCE system)


Top Gauge 200 (TG200) measuring heads can be used for any in-process dimensional control. Their modularity and wide range of accessories allow the usage for all applications on precision machine tools.

In combination with the VM25, VM15 and VM9-GA control units:

  • Monitoring of internal and external diameters both on continuous and interrupted surfaces
  • Thickness control and calibration
  • Active and passive positioning on shoulders
  • Continuous or interrupted flat surfaces
  • Taper control
  • Roundness and shape analysis


  • The TG200 modular body is compatible with other measurement systems on the market
  • In case of retrofitting, it is possible to adapt the components already mounted on the machine (slides, brackets and fingers), thus ensuring the system economy.
  • The integral cable of the measuring head TG200 can be replaced without involving the transducer.


TOP GAUGE 200 measuring head is connected to the control unit with an interface designed to ensure the quality of the measurement regardless of the length of the extension cables.

According to the configuration of the machine and the control unit, the interfacing signals may be:

  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Profibus DP or Profinet
  • BCD or binary codes through parallel interface

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