• VM15 - Single and dual-function system for grinding machine processes


Single and dual-function system for grinding machine processes

VM15 is a programmable modular system designed for medium complexity applications in grinding machines, with high performances and cost effective. It is able to provide solutions for:
– One-plane balancing of the grinding spindle
– Touch detection to control the grinding wheel-work piece and grinding wheel-dresser contact moment, by using acoustic emission and/or power sensors
– In-process gauging (comparative)

  • Configuration with control unit in the electrical cabinet and remoted graphic control panel
  • User’s graphic interface based on ISO symbols
  • Each installed function is fully independent. In case that a function is temporarily not available, it can be disabled and the remaining system can continue to operate
  • TCP/IP connectivity for service operations and remote diagnostic
  • It is provided with the software application “VM15 Service” for backup, restore and software upgrade operations
  • A functional upgrade can be made at any time

  • Ergonomic and easy to setup
  • Decisive in optimizing the production process and the quality of the machine
  • Extends lifetime of the machine components (spindle, grinding wheel and dressing tool), reducing the environmental impact
  • Does not require surveillance
  • Can be installed on any type of grinding machine, both new and retrofitting

Product Description


The VM15 System is available as:


  • VM15-B 1 plane balancing
  • VM15-T Touch detection
  • VM15-G In-process gauging


  • VM15-BT 1 plane balancing and touch detector
  • VM15-BG 1 plane balancing and in-process gauge
  • VM15-TG Touch detector and in-process gauge

The typical installation includes
Control unit with all necessary functions, installed inside the electrical cabinet of the machine. The control unit is directly connected to the PLC/NCU in order to control in real time all the functions.

User remote interface supplied with an independent control panel, with a graphic display and multi-function keyboard with softkey

Sensors and actuators fitted on the machine in the working area



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