Modular multi-function system for grinding machine processes

The VM25 is a modular fully programmable system designed for high performances applications in grinding machines. It is able to provide solutions for:

– One and two plane automatic balancing of the grinding spindle

– Touch detection to control the grinding wheel-work piece and grinding wheel-dresser contacts, by using acoustic emission and/or power sensors

– In-process and post-process gauging (absolute or comparative)

  • Modular setup fited to the machine architecture on which it is installed
  • It is available in several configurations: table or remote control unit
  • User’s graphic interface based on ISO symbols
  • Total integration with the machine controller (commands and remote programming)
  • TCP/IP connectivity for service operations and remote diagnostic
  • It is delivered with the “VM25 Service” software application for backup, restore and software upgrade
  • Each installed function is fully independent. In case that a function is temporarily not available, it can be disabled and the remaining system can continue to operate
  • A functional upgrade can be made at any time

  • Ergonomic and easy to setup
  • Decisive in optimizing the production process and the quality of the machine
  • Extends lifetime of the machine components (spindle, grinding wheel and dressing tool), reducing the environmental impact
  • Does not require surveillance
  • Can be installed on any type of grinding machine, both new and retrofitting

Product Description

System features

Each system is able to manage in one application:

  • Up to 4 one and two plane balancing functions
  • Up to 4 touch detection functions
  • Up to 4 in-post process gauging functions (absolute or comparative)
  • Profibus DP or profinet interfaces

The VM25 control unit is provided with a panel with color display and a VM25 HMI software application for PC ®Windows. Both of them can be used by the operator to configure the application through menu and to manually control the entire device.

The PC ®Windows VM25 HMI software package includes graphic libraries, allowing the integration of the user panel into the HMI application of the OEM machine.

Moreover, the VM25 HMI is homologated and certified by ®Siemens PCU50 Sinumerik Advanced and operate with ®Windows XP and 7. The interface with the machine controller can be realized both by traditional digital I/O and by fieldbus “profibus DP” and “profinet”.



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