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In-Process Gauging System for Grinding Machines

VM9GA Easy is an in-process gauging system designed for simple and cost-effective applications. It is available in EASY2 and EASY3 versions. Both versions can measure, in a comparative mode, external diameters on smooth surfaces. Moreover, EASY3 allows the active and passive axial positioning.


  • Compact and reliable even in rugged environments
  • Analog display of the dimension, ergonomic keyboard with a selector and 2 buttons
  • 4 commands to control the feed rate (roughing, finishing, dwell, end of cycle)
  • Gauging range from 6 to 74 mm with an accuracy and a repeatability lower than 1 µm
  • Analog output for passive axial positioner (Flag – EASY 3 only)


  • Makes production stable and consistent with tight tolerances
  • Compensates for the grinding wheel wear
  • Can be implemented in any type of grinding machine, both new and retrofitting
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require surveillance

Product Description

Configuration of the gauging system VM9-GA EASY2 for in-process measuring of smooth diameters

  • VM9GA Easy-2 TABLE, Plain OD – 50mm slide
  • VM9GA Easy-2 RACK, Plain OD – 50mm slide
  • VM9GA Easy-2 TABLE, Plain OD – 100mm slide
  • VM9GA Easy-2 RACK, Plain OD – 100mm slide

Configurations of the measuring system VM9-EASY3 for in-process gauging of smooth diameters and axial positioning (active and passive)

  • VM9GA Easy-3 TABLE, IPG+FLAG – 100mm slide
  • VM9GA Easy-2 RACK, IPG+FLAG – 100mm slide

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