In-process gauging amplifier for grinding machine

VM9-GA is a in-process gauging system designed for simple, cost-effective and customized applications. Solutions include gauging of internal, external diameters and thickness both on smooth and on interrupted surfaces.

  • Compact and reliable even in rugged environments
  • Analog display of the dimension, ergonomic keyboard with a selector and 2 buttons
  • 4 commands to control the feed rate (roughing, finishing, dwell, end of cycle)
  • Process diagnostics

  • Makes production stable and consistent with tight tolerances
  • Compensates the grinding wheel wear
  • Can be installed on any type of grinding machine, both new and retrofitting
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require surveillance

Product Description

1) Top Gauge 200 TG200 modular gauge heads:

  • TGN030 – universal, for small range, w/o retraction
  • TGF030 – universal, for small range, with retraction
  • TGR040 – universal, for small range, with adjustable retraction
2) Supports and glides
  • Complete set of fixed and re-toolable brackets
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic slides with stroke of 50mm, 75mm
3)Brackets and probes
  • Complete set of fingers with different shape and length, fixed or re-toolable, with anti-crash option (exclusive Balance Systems’s design)
  • Threaded contact in chemical diamond or carbide
  • Roll bar contact in carbide
4) Thermal stabilization Kit of systems for thermal stabilization based on “showers” of coolant liquid

All solutions are professionally studied and customized according to the range of measurement, the center height, the type of surface to be measured.



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