Best Balance 1000

Best Balance 1000

Portable balancing and vibration monitoring system

Best Balance 1000 is a portable device which is used for the measuring and the correction of the vibrations of rotating components due to the unbalance.
It is designed for tools and machine tools but it may be also used to measure and correct the unbalance of other rotating bodies such as spindles, grinders, pulleys, rotors, fans, etc.

  • Allows to choose among different unbalance correction modes
  • Guides the user during the correction procedures

  • Increases of the machining speed
  • Better quality of the machined surface finish
  • Protracts lifespan of spindles, supports and tools
  • Reduces the noise level
  • Prevents breaks
  • Easy to use

Product Description


High speed cutting machining centers allow the increase of productivity with a better quality of the final product.

In order to ensure this quality over time, and to avoid all costs connected with machine “down time”, re-working, rejects, early substitutions of tools and machine components, the vibrations due to the unbalance of the combination tool-toolholder-spindle, must systematically be measured with a reference to a control plane.

According to specific cases, the unbalance can be corrected on site, bringing it back within its best limits, or eliminated by a forthcoming more radical, planned maintenance activity.


In order to satisfy measuring and unbalance correction needs, Balance Systems introduces its device BEST BALANCE 1000.

Best Balance 1000 is a workshop portable, easy to use and extremely adaptable device.

It is designed for tools and machine tools but is also used to measure and correct the unbalance of other rotating components, which are present in the workshop, such grinding wheels, pulleys, rotors, fans, etc.


The operator can choose the unbalance measurement unit and among five different languages with which the system will completely guide him in the correction procedure.

The device prompts by a graphic interface:

  • Magnitude and position of the detected unbalance
  • Rotational speed of the component which has to be corrected
  • Amount and position of the corrections

Several correction methods are available:

  • Displacement of correction weights which can be already fitted or further added
  • Positioning of eccentric rings already fitted on the rotating body
  • Addition of weights in pre-defined positions
  • Anti-scratch case with handle, shoulder strap and double lock
  • Control panel with a multi-function keyboard and a graphic display
  • Rack with power supply unit and measuring board
  • Vibrations transducer
  • Photoelectric sensor to detect the rotational speed
  • Magnetic fitting bracket for sensors
  • Refracting adhesive
  • Power cord

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