The aeronautical sector

Over the years, Balance Systems has developed strong skills in balancing small and medium sized rotating components, with particular attention to devices with high operating speeds. This context includes some products of aeronautical industry such as gyroscopes for inertial navigation platforms, gyroscopes for satellite stabilization platforms, high-speed ventilation devices for aeronautical applications, microturbines, for which the achievement of the highest balancing precision goes hand in hand with the need for very high standards of quality and reliability, which are known to be required and essential in this sector.

Balancing machines for aeronautic applications

Within its range of products, Balance Systems offers a huge variety of very high precise and easy-to-use balancing machines, specifically projected to balance various components of aeronautic and aerospace sectors. Our company offers in parallel high-level technical support during project phase of customized solutions and assistance services to solve problems regarding high rotation speeds.

Rely on the experience of our commercial area and on the technical support of our research and development department to purchase a customized balancing machine, which is perfect for your specific product.

Automation Level

Automatic balancing machine
Semi-Automatic balancing machine
Livello di automazione manuale
Manual balancing machine


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