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The Coronavirus emergency (COVID-19) rewrote the rules of our daily routines, in life as in business. Part of these measures includes social distancing and travel restrictions, which led us to create a virtual area where people could have talked about our solutions in total safe. And here we are.

Our operators will be available prior appointment to provide you with all information you want. Below you will find an overview of our products, divided by application area, that you would have seen in those exhibitions that have been postponed because of the COVID-19.

In these challenging times, we want to look to the future by fully implementing what has always been the motto that distinguishes us: “Work with passion.”

This is our way to tell you that we are and will always be at your side  also in exceptional situations like this.


1 – Balancing
Special about grinding

Balancing of grinding wheel assembly is a fundamental operation to obtain a high-quality surface finishing, as well as ensuring a longer spindle life of your machine. Our offer includes a wide range of systems which are able to meet this needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Automatic balancing on 1 and 2 planes (including pre-balancing)
  • High speed and accuracy
  • NoLink or brushes collectors
  • User machine interface
  • Customized solutions according to specific needs

Speaker: Mark Jones (Sole UK Distributor)

2 – Gauging
Special about grinding

With our in-process gauging systems you will be able to produce a high-volume workpieces with tight tolerances in less time. While the part is being grinded, this system allows you to measure continuously the diameter of the parts, and automatically control the in-feed of the machine.

Our solutions include:

  • Absolute measurement of diameters
  • Suitable for continuous and interrupted surfaces
  • Roundness analysis

Speaker: Paul Edwards (Sole UK Distributor)

3 – Touch detection
Special about grinding

Detecting the exact moment where the grinding-wheel touches the workpiece or the dresser is critical for an efficient grinding process. Our proprietary solution uses acoustic technology, and it is able to optimize multiple grinding procedures, including dressing, collision detection, air grinding, and gap-elimination. The main benefits include reduced tool wear, increased workpiece finishing, quicker cycle time, reduced costs of machine crash.

Our solutions include:

  • Gap & crash function
  • Set-up in frequency
  • Various types of AE acoustic emission sensors (static or rotating) and power transducers
  • Dedicated part programs
  • Machine/user interface
  • Various custom solutions according to our customers/collaborators needs

Speaker: Mark Jones (Sole UK Distributor)

4 – Spindle monitoring
Special about machine tools

Thanks to its miniaturization, the B-Safe sensor can be installed directly inside the spindle, ensuring real-time monitoring of anomalies, detecting malfunctions and safeguarding your business by reducing downtimes.

Our solutions include:

  • Collisions detection
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Black box
  • HMI software with configurable dashboard
  • Spindle fingerprint
  • Remote machine monitoring
  • B-Safe Cloud with web access or dedicated app
  • Modbus open protocol for integration into SCADA products and systems

Speaker: Will Hare (Leader Chuck International)


Balancing systems based on balancing heads.


Production of machined parts according to the most restrictive tolerances.

Touch detection

Increase the tool life.


Safeguards your business by reducing downtime.

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