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Balance of home appliances

The balancing machines present in this section are necessary to balance the rotating parts of little home appliances, including armatures, rotors and motors turbines, for instance vacuum cleaners and washing machines.
Home appliances balance is very important and is necessary to redistribute the components masses in order that the centrifugal force will not reach higher levels to the permitted limit. A household appliance, which has a too noisy rotation, causes malfunction and reduces the equipment life. While the functioning without excessive vibrations is absolutely a positive signal of its quality. Redistributing, thus, the masses of the rotating parts in a correct and precise way through balancing machines of Balance Systems, you’ll be able to correct the unbalances and ensure a correct functioning of the household appliance.


Balancing machine for rotors and washing machines motors

The balancing machine for rotors and washing machines motors allows to establish a threshold of normality of the centrifugal force of the household appliance motor, improving drastically the product quality. The equipment for balancing can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic: selecting the desired component, you can choose the right machinery that allows the washing machines motors balance, as to other motors for little home appliances. The balancing process is easy, intuitive and safe for any operator thanks to the pc type-industrial-interface.
Trust the quality of balancing machines of Balance Systems.

Automation Level

Automatic balancing machine
Semi-Automatic balancing machine
Livello di automazione manuale
Manual balancing machine
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