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      • BMK8

        Automatic balancing machine

        • Fully automatic dynamic balancing machine for high volume production.
        • Suitable for balancing all armatures...

      • BMK4A-B

        Semi-Automatic Balancing Machine

        • Semi-automatic balancing machine for balancing rotors for brushless motors.
        • Composed of: measuring unit, milling...

      • VM25

        Modular multi-function system for grinding machine processes

        The VM25 is a modular fully programmable system designed...

      • Absolute Balancer

        1 and 2 plane automatic balancing devices for grinding machines

        The range of ABSOLUTE BALANCER® heads,...

        Innovative solutions since 1975

        Design & Development 100% made in Italy

        At Balance Systems we create technologically advanced products for two core businesses: Manual, semi-automatic and automatic customized balancing machines for a wide range of sectors and Process control systems with specific functions suitable to grinding machines: automatic grinding wheel balancing (1 and 2 planes), touch detection (gap & crash), comparative and absolute in-process gauging.

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