Automatic balancing machines

Automatic balancing machine

Automatic balancing machines of Balance Systems are carried out with an intuitive approach for the operator. The balancing process is realised automatically.
Our machines allow to balance different typologies of rotating bodies in the most different sectors, in which a high level of automation and productivity is required, like in the automotive, power tools and home appliances production, etc.
Automatic balancing machine can be chosen in the sections related to the specific applicative field, as each machine is equipped with specific equipment for each type of component.

Automatic balancing machines:
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Automatic balancing machine makes an extremely accurate balance, thanks to the use of the latest technologies.
Repeatability and accuracy of unbalances measure, coupled with precision in unbalances removal, make our machines more precise and reliable present in the market.
Choosing the automatic balancing machine of Balance Systems you’ll have the safety to dispose high flexible and productive technical solutions.

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In the semi-automatic balancing machines measure and unbalanced correction are carried out automatically, while the pieces movement is realised by the operator.


The static manual balancing machine measures the unbalances on one plane, while the dynamic one detects the unbalances of rotating parts on two planes.