Semi-Automatic balancing machines

Semi-Automatic Balancing Machine

In the semi-automatic balancing machines measure and unbalanced correction are carried out automatically, while the pieces movement is realised by the operator.
Unbalances correction can occur for material removal through drilling or milling, or for material addition through spheres, screws, rivets insertions.
Balancing is an essential process to guarantee a long life to the rotating parts of the electrical and/or mechanical machines; the offer by our company is really numerous with balancing machines of different typologies.
In order to make the processes easier to the operator, our semi-automatic balancing machines are equipped with an LCD touch screen, a sophisticated software will allow to work in conditions of ultimate comfort.

Semi-automatic balancing machine for rotating parts

Semi-automatic balancing machines of Balance Systems allow to balance in few and simple processes different rotating typologies, from armatures to rotors, shafts or disc-shaped rotors.
It’s sufficient to choose the specific component and we’ll identify which semi-automatic balancing machine can satisfy your demand.
Our team, compounded by high qualified technicians, is always at your disposal to develop products according to specific demands. Attention toward customer, besides the continuous high quality maintenance, is our main aim.

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Automatic balancing machines of Balance Systems are carried out with an intuitive approach for the operator. The balancing process is realised automatically.


The static manual balancing machine measures the unbalances on one plane, while the dynamic one detects the unbalances of rotating parts on two planes.